Travel Management System in PHP

Description About Travel Management System in PHP :

Travel Management System in PHP is developed using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and Bootstrap. Travel Management system provides the easy booking of the packages for the travel.

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Talking about the functionality of the system, it has both Admin and User section. To book a package ,user must login. The user can easily search and book for the travel packages. The user must have details on reservations, such as the reservation dates and the text message. All packages details are provided and  description are also included. The user can also post his or her comments. All the enquiries of the users are seen by the admin. This is a demo project with limited feature, You can customize the project according to your need. You can use this project for educational purpose. Travel Management project can be used by IT students for final year projects.

Features of Travel Management System in PHP

  • Login/ Signup feature
  • Dashboard for Admin
  • Admin can manage vehicles details and add new packages
  • Admin can view all registered customers and their details
  • Admin can add/ delete/update the packages
  • New user registration
  • User profile
  • User can check booking status
  • User can view booking history
  •  Log out

Instruction on how to run Travel Management System

To run this project you must install virtual server i.e. XAMPP

First Step

Firstly, open XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL. Meanwhile, Download the project and extract the zip file then copy the project file “Travel Management System” into given directory c:\xamp\htdocs.

Second Step

To connect to the database open any browser and go to URL: “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”. Click on the Database tab and create a database named “travel”. Then click on the import tab and browse the project folder and select “travel.sql” located inside project folder and then after that click on go button. Subsequently, after that database will be created.

Third Step

After that open browser and go to URL: “http://localhost/Travel Management System” then you will be directed to the main home page of Travel Management System. Finally, the system is ready. For admin login : Username: mahmud Password: 1234

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