text to speech reader in JavaScript

Description Text to Speech Reader in JavaScript  :

Text to Speech Reader in JavaScript project is simple project developed for students and learners using HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Write any text in the text box, click a button and the program will convert the text into speech. This program converts any written text into speech form. You can choose the speech format from different choices by clicking on drop down icon.

Scroll down to download Text to Speech Reader in JavaScript project for free.

The projects is simple and easy to understand, this is a demo project with limited feature. You can customize the project according to your need. Use this project for educational purpose.

Features of Text to Speech Reader

  • Easy code and tutorial
  • Attractive UI

Technology Used in the project

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Instruction on how to run Text to Speech Reader

The project is simple and easy to run, you just need web browser. Basically it will work with any web browser but We recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After opening the project folder double click on Index.html and you are good to go.

To download Text to Speech Reader project, Click on the download button.


If you have any queries regarding installation of the project. Please leave a comment. For more JavaScript projects and tutorials, Click on the Link.

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