simple blog app in django

Description about Simple Blog App in Django :

Simple Blog App in Django project is a web app developed using Python HTML,CSS and DJANGO framework. The blog site has login features with interactive UI design and premium dashboard. In blog site you can post about your daily life or about any things. You can manage the blog post by login in as admin, add, edit and delete blog post.

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The website has interactive and friendly UI design, it has interactive dashboard with many features. It has admin and user panel. Admin can manage all blog post HTML and CSS as front end and DJANGO framework is used as backend for developing this website. This is a demo project with limited feature You can customize the project according to your need. You can use this project for educational purpose.

Features of  using Simple Blog App Django

  • Login/ Signup feature
  • Admin panel
  • Add/edit and delete blog post

Technology Used in the project

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript


Instruction on how to run Simple Blog App in Django

To run this project you must install Python on your PC. Check whether the python is installed or not by typing “python ” in cmd. You are prior to encounter error if your path is incorrect. Make sure that your path is correct otherwise computer will display message (‘Python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.) To fix the error you will have to modify a setting called PATH, which is a list of directories where Windows will look for programs.

First Step

Extract or unzip the downloaded project file.

Second Step

To run the project, open project folder and type cmd. After that, type in the command. 

pip install -r requirement.txt

  • You have to upgrade pip version if error occurs ‘pip install –upgrade pip’
  • Install pillow through command “pip install pillow”
  • Upgrade packages if needed

  After successful execution of above steps, type next command

python runserver

Finally, open the web browser and go to you are good to go.

For admin login information, open readme.txt 

To download Simple Blog App in Django project, Click on the download button.




If you have any queries regarding installation of the project. Please leave a comment. 

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