Currency converter project in python

Description About Currency Converter Project in Python:

Currency Converter Project in Python is a simple GUI based application developed using python programming language Tkinter module. Currency Converter converts monetary value of one currency to other currency according to daily exchange rate of currency. Enter the amount to convert and conversion rate, click on convert and the system will display the value

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The design of the project is simple and subtle, user will not find any difficulty in using the system. It is capable of handling exception. This is a demo project with limited feature, you can customize the project according to your need. Use this project for educational purpose only.

Features of Currency Converter Project in Python

  • GUI application
  • Easy code and tutorial


Instruction on how to run the Currency Converter Project

First Step

First, you have to install Python on your PC, then extract or unzip the downloaded project file.

Second Step

To run the project open cmd or type cmd in the search console of your PC. After that, browse the project folder and type “” and press enter key.

OR, you can also run the project by double-clicking on “” from the project folder. Finally, you are ready to go.

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If you have any queries regarding installation of the project, Please leave a comment. For more Python projects and tutorials, Click on the Link

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