Chatbot application in python

Chatbot Application in Python

Description About Chatbot Application in Python:

Chatbot Application in Python is a simple application developed in python programming language. Chatbot is an automated communicating system that is capable of communicating with humans.  

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence or computer software that leads a discussion via audio or textual procedures, Chatbot is also known as talkbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity. These systems have often been built to replicate how a person acts as a chat companion, passing the Turing test. Chatbots are usually utilize for many practical reasons in dialog systems including the acquisition of client service or information. Some Chatbots use advanced, natural-language algorithms, but many simple systems scan keywords inside the input and then retrieve answers from a database with the most matching keywords or text patterns.

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Chatbot Application introduces itself and ask you your name. The application ask you input certain number and guess your age. It also test your programming knowledge by asking multiple choices question.

This is a demo project with limited feature, you can customize the project according to your need. Use this project for educational purpose only.

Features of Chatbot Application in Python

  • Chatbot welcomes you
  • Print your name
  • Guess age
  • Multiple choice question
  • Learning number

Instruction on how to run Chatbot Application in Python

First Step

First you have to install Python on your PC. Download the project and then extract or unzip the downloaded project file.

Second Step

To run the project open cmd or type cmd in the search console of your PC. After that, browse the project folder and type “” and press enter key.

OR, you can simply run the project by double-clicking on “” from the project folder. Finally, you are ready to go.

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