Task Management System In PHP

Description About Task Management System

Task Management System in PHP is a web-based application/project developed to manage the task in an organization to run the organization or company efficiently. It can be used to assign a task to the worker of a company and can be used to view the progress of a task. Task Management System in PHP is developed using PHP, Bootstrap, Javascript, Ajax, and Mysql. It is simple yet easy to use. Free PHP project

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There are two modules in the system i.e Admin and User, both admin and user have login feature. Admin has full control over the system, admin has a feature of adding a user into the system. Admin can add tasks and can enable and disable the task. On the other hand, user can view each other tasks and can comment on the task.

Features of Task Management System

  • Admin/ User Login
  • Register new user
  • Task management
  • Add/ delete task
  • See task progress
  • User profile
  • Comment feature

Instruction on how to run the project

First Step

Firstly, open XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL. Meanwhile, Download the project and extract the zip file then copy the project file “task” into given directory c:\xamp\htdocs.

Second Step

To connect to the database open any browser and go to URL: “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”. And then click on the Database tab and create a database named “task”, then click on the import tab and browse the project folder and select “ DatabaseFile.1 MySQL dump ” located in the project folder and then after that click on go button. Subsequently, after that database will be created.

Third Step

After that open browser and go to URL: “http://localhost/task/” then you will be directed to the main home page of Task Management System Website. Finally, the system is ready and you can Login to the system.

Login details are provided in “Readme.txt” file

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